Care Instructions for Mosaics when displaying outside!

Care Instructions for your mosaics when displaying outside:

Lanterns & Tables:   
Treat them as patio cushions... put them away during rain storms, store inside during winter.
Live Edge Panels, Windows, Solar Light Sculptures:
Storage over winter:   Pieces will last longer if they are stored inside over winter months.
Resealing the mosaic area annually will protect design, grout seal can be purchased at any hardware store and applied according to the instructions. If you would like further information, please contact me.
Wood surfaces:   Apply a coat of Minwax Urethane or similar wood protectant on all exposed wood surfaces.
The silicone over time can detach from the wood surfaces.   Carefully remove and clean using a razor blade.   Re-apply using GE All Purpose Silicone - Clear.   This silicone is Outdoor/indoor and 100% waterproof.
Steel base, clean and apply a fresh coat of Tremclad paint (flat or gloss) based on your personal preference.